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3 Tips for Inner Corner Lashes

Who loves working on inner corner lashes? Not me...Inner corner lashes can be very hard to work with, but they make all the difference when done properly. They make your sets look even better! They make your sets look more full, more complete.

A look without the inner corner lashes can look unfinished. The reason why they look unfinished is because they are unfinished!


Putting the extra time and dedication to work on those lashes, helps you create better looks that will make your clients fall in love with you, making a huge difference on your client retention.

Want to know how to work better with these lashes? Here's how:

1 - With your fingers, pull the outside corners of the eyelid away from the nose. As if you were stretching the eyelids. When you do that, the inner corner lashes will be more spread apart making it easier for you to work on them.

2 - With your fingers, pull the outside of the brows up and tape them to hold them in place. That will also help you spread the inner corner lashes.

3 - With your fingers, gently pull the inside corner up towards the brow exposing the bottom layer of inner corner lashes. You can tape the lid to the brow or tape the top layer of inner corner lashes up to the lid.

Learning how to work with these lashes might take time and practice, so don't get frustrated if it is hard even after you apply these techniques. Just remember to keep practicing and with time you will be an amazing lash artist at working with inner corner lashes.

We are here to help you achieve all of your goals and be a better lash artist, improving day by day and delivering amazing lash sets to your clients!

Our products are developed to help you perform better and faster. If you still feel like you more training, please visit our training website and find the perfect lash course for you.

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