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What would you do with an extra $4,000 per year?

We all have plans and things we want to do in our lives, and some of these things require that we use money for that. No matter what your dreams are, an extra $4,000 per year can be very helpful, but right now you could be throwing that money away.

Here at Malibu Lashes, we recently conducted a study comparing the costs of lash products. We selected the leading companies in our industry, the ones we believe have similar levels of quality as Malibu Lashes, and we compared how much it costs to produce a lash set with each competitor. Do you know how much a lash set costs you as a lash artist? Let's figure this out together and see how you can save at least $4,000 per year on average.

You can see that some of the numbers have some red marks/tags, those are comments in an excel sheet that tell us if there is a difference between products from each company, things like, quantity, milliliters, etc. The idea is the make sure we know the right cost of each product so we can compare apples to apples (if one product costs $5 for 10 units and a similar product costs $10 for 20 units, in the end, they have the same cost per unit, if not we had to figure each individual cost).

After figuring out all of these differences, and making some assumptions on product usage (which varies by lash artist), we got to the following cost per service:

This is approximately how much it would cost you, the lash artist, on every set you make. Huge difference right? Now apply these results to every client you have, every day, every week, every month, during the whole year. How much money would that be?

We did the math for you! Assuming that you have an average of 4 clients per day and you work 5 days a week, these would be your results:

Average Cost from first 3 companies = $8,378.11

Malibu Lashes =$4,749.89

Savings by shopping with Malibu Lashes = $3,628.22

Stop wasting your money and start increasing your profits now! Malibu Lashes can help you increase your profits and give you the freedom to do anything you want with that extra money. Your money! To invest in your business, in yourself, in your family, or your future!

We strive for developing and helping the lash artist community and the communities we live in. And this is our commitment to you, to provide high-quality eyelash extension products at affordable prices.


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