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State of the Art Chemistry

All you need in 1 adhesive

No need to worry anymore about the eternal search for the perfect adhesive. Malibu Lashes developed the Smart Bond adhesive to satisfy all your needs as a lash artist, from performance to retention. 

Your clients will love the amazing results of the Smart Bond Adhesive by Malibu Lashes. Increase your profits and your client's retention now!


Perfect for any type of environment and technique. Smart Bond Adhesive was developed to perform under the widest range of circumstances. 

Fast Drying

Save time by increasing your speed and make more money. Our Smart Bond Adhesive dries in 0.5-1 second. 

amazing retention

You and your clients will love the long lasting retention, up to 7 weeks, from using our Smart Bond Adhesive.


Our Smart Bond Adhesive was formulated to avoid allergies and reactions. It has very low fumes and it is Latex-free and Formaldehyde-free.

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* Information was collected from companies' websites on 02/05/2021. Malibu Lashes is not affiliated with any of the competitors presented in this comparison table. Information may be updated based on new evidence. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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