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about us

  Malibu Lashes was founded in 2020 by Andre Sancho and Nicole Chiles, who have over 10 years of experience in the Beauty Industry. The company was started during the Covid-19 pandemic when every lash artist was struggling with keeping clients and keeping a business running. We saw all lash companies trying to be more profitable and not really caring about the real needs of all lash artists in the world. We decided it was time to offer high-quality eyelash extension products at affordable prices, offer free education, and help the communities around us. It was time to change the industry. 

  Andre Sancho has a bachelor's degree in Marketing, a post-graduation degree in Business Intelligence, and a Master's degree in International Marketing. He has worked in the operations and marketing departments of companies like Intel, Hertz, and Avon. He also acted as the president of another eyelash extension company for over 5 years. 

  Nicole Chiles, got her education from Utah State, BYU Idaho, and Paul Mitchell the School. She is a licensed cosmetologist with several years of experience in operations in the beauty industry. In the lash industry, she has developed relationships with several suppliers, launched new products in the market for other lash companies, and is an active lash artist. 

  At Malibu Lashes we believe in developing the best products and offering these products at competitive prices. After several years in the beauty and lash industry, we see the need of offering good products and truly helping beauty professionals in their careers. That is why we pride ourselves in helping the industry we are in, by helping our employees, lash artists, suppliers, and our community. 

  We are proud of having you as part of the team. We encourage you to always look for ways to improve yourself and those around you. By consistently seeking growth and personal development, with us, you will be able to achieve all of your goals and so much more. Please let us help you in any way possible, we are here to be a support for you on this journey.

  Our mission helps us define who we are, what we do, and how we do things. This helps you have a better understanding of our goals as a company and how that can help you on this journey. 

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to develop the beauty industry and its professionals by providing affordable and quality products, with quality and free education to all professionals in the beauty industry all over the world."

Long Lashes

Core Values

  Core values for Malibu Lashes are not something we strive to achieve, it is not our end goal. It is the means, it is what takes us to where we want to be, it is the fuel that we need to be able to have a successful journey. These are the values that Malibu Lashes lives for: 


- Integrity

- Love

- Unity

- Boldness

  Learn more about our cause and how we are fighting domestic violence. 

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