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free education

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Would you like to be better at your artistry and increase your business? 


Here at Malibu Lashes our education program can be free, learn more, and take advantage of being a Malibu Lashes customer. 


Here's why:

We believe in developing the industry and helping lash artists all over to world to be better professionals. We can only do that if we are always improving as individuals, as a company, as lash artists, as service providers, and in all the different aspects and areas of our lives. 

But we all have so much to manage and things to do, that being able to stop and learn, in order to be better shouldn't a burden. It shouldn't be something that we save money for a long time for, searching for non professional means of learning, or even trying to teach ourselves through trial and error.


All these things take time, money, and can be very stressful. It is not easy to become a good lash artist, and we know that. So why make it harder? Why not share all this knowledge and help you achieve all of your goals? 


Here at Malibu Lashes, we decided to fight the fight with you, to help you develop yourself and help you develop this industry. And we do that by offering free education. 

We offer all types of courses including classic lashing, volume lashing, mega volume, sanitizing, business classes, behavioral classes, and so much more. Everything you need to know to be a better lash artist, a better manager, a business owner, and succeed in every aspect of your life.



How can I get access to free training?


Create a free account on our website.


Start shopping at Malibu Lashes


Each $ in products turns in $ towards your education


Enjoy our free content for you

Every $ you spend on products goes towards your education. By creating an account on our website, you will also gain access to our academy, and receive your MabiluU account information in your email with all of the details on how to access it.


Every 3 months we will add into your MalibuU account credits that are equivalent to the same amount you spent in products for the previous 3 months. 

You can then use this credit towards any course that has the same or lower cost. 

Easy! For example, if in 3 months you spent $1,000 in products than you have $1,000 towards education. Choose any course with the same or less cost and it is free for you! 




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